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Dear Students and Tutors: 


In late August, we announced a delay in the start of our fall in-person classes until at least Sept. 18th. Unfortunately, we cannot start in-person classes tomorrow, and we are not yet ready to set a date for a general reopening of in-person classes. There will be a special exception for classes to help newly arriving refugees, who cannot be expected to get online for classes anytime soon. Other students will have to continue learning with us online for the time being.


Recently, there have been some hopeful signs. New Covid cases in Lancaster County dropped in the last two weeks. The county's vaccination rate for those over 16 has topped 72%. However, none of these good developments justifies setting a date for a general reopening of in-person classes. Not yet.


On Sept. 14, Lancaster County Health Director Pat Lopez stated that the Covid risk remains high and that the health system is in critical condition as new Covid cases continue to fill the beds at our local hospitals. 


Under these conditions, with great regret, we must further postpone a general reopening of our in-person classes. In general, classes will continue online for now. For the few exceptions to this rule, we will exercise maximum caution, including keeping groups small, spread out from one another, well-ventilated, and masked.


Thank you for your understanding, 

Lincoln Literacy

Lincoln Literacy provides free classes to adults and families living in Lincoln/Lancaster County, Neb. Classes, taught by volunteer tutors, are offered online and in-person at various locations. Classes are offered throughout the week, including evenings and weekends all year long. We offer group classes as well as 1-1 tutoring for English Language. Classes are free, but there are rules. Click here to see the full list of rules.


For more information about our English language classes,

email Sandra Rojo at

Adult Skills
How to sign up for classes:

Sign up in-person with an appointment

by calling 402-476-7323. Must be vaccinated.




Call 402-476-7323 or email for more information.

Sign up online by completing 

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Suspended until further notice:

Sign up in-person at Bennett Martin Public Library,

136 S. 14th  Street on Saturdays, 1:00 - 3:00 PM.

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