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In a city that offers the “good life,” we face a terrible paradox. Poverty afflicts at least one-fifth of our families with young children at home. The reason is simple: too many adults lack the skills needed for living wage jobs and a path to lifelong career. Lincoln Literacy's Bridgeway to a Better Life initiative offers a comprehensive solution via a continuum of services. 

Our students secure their basic English language and literacy skills with a trusted and caring tutor, then continue on through adult skills classes or tutoring leading to and through an accredited program at a partner institution, and on to a living wage, career-ladder job.


"I signed up after reading a flyer offering GED Prep for a few nights a week at the Bennett Martin Public Library. I got the opportunity to work with instructors and a tutor who were very helpful with each lesson. Plus, I learned to use the computer and go on the Internet.  When in-person classes stopped due to COVID-19, Lincoln Literacy then offered online classes to participants who wanted to continue. Because of the convenience and support of the entire GED Prep team, I'm closer to reaching my goal of getting my GED."

Liza B., Lincoln Literacy Student

Reading and Writing Class

This class will help improve reading skills including pronunciation, fluency, and comprehension. Writing will focus on improving grammar, sentence structure, and document writing. The focus of each class changes according to student interest and skill level.

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Job Skills Workshop

This class will cover intermediate reading and writing skills, with a special focus on work-related content. Each class will review language skills, a type of job or industry, and keys for success in getting and keeping a job.

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Math Literacy

Improve your language skills in math and review beginning math skills. This class will review vocabulary as it relates to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentages and decimals. You will learn math and language skills at the same time.

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Money & Me: Financial Literacy

A beginner's guide to managing personal money!  Learn the basics of renting, buying a house, and choosing a bank or credit card, budgeting, and find tools for making financial decisions and managing your money.  This class will guide you through all of these topics and more.

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Computer Literacy

Computer literacy held students grow familiar with technology. Students will learn how to comfortably navigate the internet using Google search and other tools. Composing an email, writing a document, creating a spreadsheet, and using Google Drive will be covered. Topics rotate and change according to student interest and skill level.

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Health Literacy

Learn how to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy. Topics include household health information, vocabulary for hygiene and medical practices, what to expect at doctor visits, and how to navigate healthcare, medical, and insurance offices in the U.S.

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GED Prep

This class prepares students to earn a high school degree or a General Education Diploma (GED). You can take this class to prepare for the GED exam, to prepare for the GED class at SCC, or to advance your learning (with or without a high school diploma). The classes are divided by subject matter on different days: Reasoning through Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.


Driving in the USA

This class will cover key concepts and English vocabulary necessary to take the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) driver's license test through an interactive and discussion-based format. This class will help students understand US driving culture and common law enforcement practices related to driving, explain procedures at local DMV offices, and how to access online DMV information. 


Paraeducator Prep Class

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This class helps students prepare for success as paraeducators in the school system. Paraeducators perform a variety of duties in the school according to children's needs and educational goals. Responsibilities may include helping students in the classroom, on the playground, in the lunchroom or on the school bus. This class covers information on what is involved in working as a classroom aide, a bus para and a nutrition services worker. Interviewing and completing job applications will be reviewed and participants will gain the vocabulary and contextual knowledge necessary to apply for paraeducator positions.


Nursing Assistant Prep Class

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This class is for those who wish to pursue a job as a Nursing Assistant. The class is designed to prepare you for the nursing assistant programs with our partners at Bryan College of Health Sciences and Southeast Community College.  After completing the Nursing Assistant Prep class, you will have a basic understanding of the vocabulary and background information necessary to become a nursing assistant in Nebraska. This class is completed 1-1 with individual tutoring. You will need to interview for this class to be admitted.

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Commerical Driver's License (CDL) Prep Class

Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL) are specialized licenses required to operate large vehicles, including large passenger vans, school buses, delivery trucks, and more. This class will cover the process of studying for and taking the CDL exam at the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It will also review different places to work with your CDL license. The CDL classes are offered several times a semester as 5 week sessions.

Professional Re-Entry


For those who attained a profession in their home countries, we assist with preparing for a job related to that profession. It could be learning the English vocabulary of that field with a Lincoln Literacy tutor, it could be help with getting into a college program in that field, it could be meeting with a mentor in your profession to help find a job in the field -- or a combination of those. We can also refer students with a professional background to the CareerLadder program. 


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Classes are in summer break July 17 - August 28.
Registration will begin August 20.
First day of the fall session is Monday, August 29.