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English for All

All in-person classes are cancelled until further notice, due to the Covid-19 virus. For online ideas and groups, visit this page on our website. 

Lincoln Literacy offers free English classes at convenient times and places for adult learners from all over the world. While some classes are have a special focus, such as workplace entry or family literacy, others are open to all comers. Classes are small – typically between two and six students – flexible, and set to the level of the student. They are taught by volunteer tutors who have been trained by Lincoln Literacy.

Classes are offered mornings, early afternoons, late afternoons, and evenings. Many locations provide free on-site child-minding at no charge, as well as literacy activities for children. Learners who have special transportation needs may be able to receive door-to-door transportation in the Lincoln Literacy van. To learn more or to register come to our scheduled registration and assessment for English Classes.