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Who makes a good tutor? If you can speak, read and write well in English, and want to share those skills, you can become an effective tutor. You don't need an education degree, prior experience, or knowledge of another language - just a desire to help and a willingness to be trained.

To become a tutor, you must attend a one-hour orientation and two 90 minute sessions of training, depending on which program you choose. Workshops are usually limited to 16 participants.

If you commit to one year of service you do not have to pay for training. Donations are welcome to defray the cost of training and support our programs. If you would like to attend our training for purposes other than tutoring at Lincoln Literacy student (or if your agency is sponsoring) the standard fee for the course is $160.

Typically, you volunteer once a week for an hour (some spend more time). Call Joyce Hahn at 402-476-7323 or email:

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