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FREE English language & job-skill classes

for adults and families living in Lincoln/Lancaster County, Nebraska.

Volunteer tutors teach classes online and in-person at various locations 6 days per week, including evenings and weekends.

We offer group classes as well as 1-1 tutoring for English Language.

Questions? Call 402.476.7323 or email

What Students Say


Lincoln literacy and Dr. Mark and Ms. Julie, they helped us to find our way and they were very helpful. They gave us confidence, hope, and very good thing to continue our way. Lincoln Literacy helped us to find a job and they helped us to apply to Bryan Hospital. And then we find a new job in Bryan Hospital in medical field.


When we were here for first time, we arrived here, it was very hard for us because we left our country in very hard situation with a backpack without nothing. So we came here and we start over and it was a hope like Lincoln Literacy was a hope for us that we can do that.


Class Schedule

We offer 100+ classes weekly, 6 days per week. 

Important Dates


For more information about our English language classes,

email Sandra Rojo at

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