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"Tutoring was one of the best parts of my year. It gives me purpose and my students always brighten my day."

-- Chet Kincaid, Lincoln Literacy Tutor


Who makes a good tutor? If you can speak, read and write well in English, and want to share those skills, you can be an effective tutor. You don't need an education degree, prior experience, or knowledge of another language -- just a desire to help others and a willingness to be trained. Tutoring works best when it is informal, personalized, and fun. 

​If you have training in an occupation or profession you'd like to share, even better! Many of our adult students hope to pursue a career, and our volunteer tutors can help them on their journey via Bridgeway to a Better Life, our adult skills program.


To become a tutor, you must attend a one-hour orientation and two 90-minute sessions of training, depending on which program -- English Language (ELL) or Adult Skills (AS) -- you choose. Classes and tutoring are offered online or, for the fully vaccinated, in person.


Provided you commit to an extended period of volunteer tutor service with Lincoln Literacy, you do not have to pay for training. The standard fee for the training course is $160.

We take the health of safety of everyone involved seriously. At present, our COVID safety rules require those who do not furnish proof of COVID vaccination to wear face masks while engaged in in-person Lincoln Literacy activities. Everyone has the option of online tutoring or learning.


We ask you to volunteer to teach at least once a week on average. This involves approximately thirty minutes of preparation for each class. Some tutors volunteer for more than one class. Questions? Leave a message for Mike Malloy at 402-476-7323 or email

Types of Tutoring

One-to-One Tutoring

(English Language & Adult Skills)


Tutor and one student meet individually

once a week for one hour.


Class duration : 1 hour

Number of students: 1

Class group 

(English Language & Adult Skills)

A tutor meets with a small class group online or in person. Classes are based on students' skill level, including beginning, intermediate, and advanced.


 Students are placed at the levels according to the results of the initial English language fluency test.

Tutors are also welcome to teach skills classes such as Math Literacy, Computer Literacy, GED Prep and others.

Class duration: 1 - 1.5 hours

Number of students in class:  3 – 8.

Conversation Group

(English Language)

A tutor meets with a group of students to

practice conversational skills. Each lesson

is independent on the previous one.

Students level:  high intermediate

and advanced level. 

Class duration: Varies

Number of students in class: 3 - 8.

Job Mentoring

(Adult Skills)

In addition to our tutoring opportunities at Lincoln Literacy, we also are seeking individuals who would like to help others in their search for a job or continuing education. Job mentors help by assisting others search for job opportunities online, complete job applications, edit resumes, and practice for interviews. Mentors may also help in advising the mentee on opportunities for continuing their education. Volunteers may be a tutor and a job mentor at the same time. Please complete this form if you are interested in becoming a job mentor:

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Training Schedule

January Tutor Training Schedule Website image.png

Tutor training will take place on January 3 and 4. Both nights are online, from 6-7:30pm. If you're interested, complete our volunteer form. We hope to see you there!