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Student Resources  

With free basic memberships, this resource provides lessons on phonic skills, reading, writing, and math.
Thousands of Free books for students to read or listen to online.  Videos and articles are included on many topics.  The teacher can join, then share a code and add students to a classroom roster.
Free online lessons.  More appropriate for higher-level readers, and those students interested in math or other academic subjects.
Free The teacher adds students to his/her class and can give students assignments.  Students can videotape presentations and share with the teacher. 
Free Lively music and actions for all ages!  You can choose a curricular concept to work on such as the song and vocabulary activity, “Word Off.” 

News for You (News in simple English)


An ESL mobile learning platform that provides support for grammar, listening, reading, vocabulary, and writing. has 14 different languages, word banks, grammar guides, flashcards, and pronunciation practice.

Easy & Slow English Conversation Practice for Super Beginners

Learn English with Friends | The Friendly Finger

News in Slow English | Learn English Online


USA Learns Homepage

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