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Frequently Asked Questions 

What does a volunteer tutor with Lincoln Literacy (LL) do?

A volunteer tutor teaches students a variety of skills, from learning to speak, read, and write in the English language to prepping for their GED or U.S. citizenship tests to understanding how to navigate the world of health, finance, and more.


Where does tutoring happen?

Currently, Lincoln Literacy offers a combination of online and in-person tutoring opportunities. We hold classes and conversation groups at various partner sites across Lincoln, as well as online via Zoom or Google Meet.


Where do Lincoln Literacy’s students come from?  

Local institutions and organizations, such as Lincoln City Libraries, the Asian Community Center, People’s City Mission, and many others, often refer students to Lincoln Literacy. Sometimes, current students bring their family members and friends to classes as well.


Do I have to have a background in education?

No, an education background is not necessary.


Does LL run background checks?

Yes, we run background checks of all new tutors.


How can I update my schedule?

Please email any schedule changes to Mike Malloy at


Can I take more than 1 assignment per week?

Yes, it is allowed, but not required.


How do I let LL know of my vacation?

Please let your group coordinator know of the dates that you are going to miss ASAP, because it takes time and effort to find a substitute tutor. One-to-one tutors do not need to let LL know of the vacation, but they MUST make sure that the student knows the date of the next class.


How much time am I expected to volunteer?

Consistency is important in building relationships with students. We ask volunteers to commit at least one hour per week for one year.


Does LL end 1:1 matches after a certain length of time?

No, we don’t stop 1:1 matches.  Several of our tutors have been meeting for over 8 years.

Is there a way to check the student’s progress?

Yes, all our students are assessed when they start our classes.  Afterwards, we conduct post-assessment tests at the end of a semester to gauge progress. 


Is there a certain schedule I have to follow?

Yes, a group tutor is given an assignment for a certain time on a certain day of the week.


Am I limited to the number of classes I can shadow?

You can shadow as many classes as you like.  It is good to see the different approaches to teaching our tutors have.

If I am teaching 1:1, can I use a hybrid form of tutoring if I want to visit my friends or family out of state?

Yes. Please communicate with your student(s) and ensure they are okay with this. Additionally, please inform Ngoc Tran, the 1:1 coordinator of this request. 


If I am not feeling comfortable with putting together a lesson for my student(s) the first time, who should I contact?

For support with lesson planning, please contact Mike Malloy via email at She will guide you through the process and help you form the first few lessons.   


How can I help LL besides tutoring?

For more information regarding other volunteer opportunities with LL, please send an email to

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